About Us

A worldwide pandemic has shaken up everything we thought we knew about our employees, our teams, our members–a shift that has left us, in many ways, disconnected.

Remote office work, now the norm, requires businesses to engage in new ways of communicating with, and managing, their stay-at-home workforce, while dealing with the challenges of technology, delivery systems of goods and services, employee and customer satisfaction, not to mention juggling family lives, homeschooling, and other life demands.

Work Shift Happens helps keep your business current on all the latest resources to keep you informed, and your most productive. Whether you want to recognize a team member for a job well done, hold a virtual water cooler chat, or survey employee morale and motivation, our products and services are designed to be an easy fix to keeping you and your teams connected, and feeling “a part.”

Work Shift Happens’ Mission is to provide a one-stop resource for connecting employers, organization leaders, and educators with their employees, members and students in a distanced world. Our goal is to provide the organizational tools, and conscious products and services to stay connected with each other, instilling positivity and work satisfaction in this new remote work paradigm.