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Deborah West Roth
CEO & Co-founder

About Deborah West Roth

If you’re asking yourself how to conduct business, manage staff, meet company objectives and stick to deadlines, in “the new normal” of operating business remotely, and don’t know where to begin, Deborah (Deb) Roth may have the answers. And if she doesn’t, she’ll find out!

This creative, solution-focused leader, CEO and Co-founder of Work Shift Happens, brings calm to the ongoing storm of navigating how to work from home, and manage staff and business needs, amidst the current stay-at-home mandates associated with Covid-19.

Roth has more than 20 years’ experience introducing and delivering innovative, leading-edge enterprise technology solutions worldwide to her customers, team, and organization.

Highly sought for her talents in leading and mentoring high-performing, collaborative, cross-functional remote teams, which she has accomplished for the past seven years, Roth works entirely remotely from her San Diego-area home. She has insights and guidance galore to impart to remote-office “newbies,” and recently co-founded Work Shift Happens to guide others in keeping business energy moving in the right direction.

Roth, an expert at developing and delivering effective instructor-led (classroom & remote) corporate training curricula for Government and Commercial customers, is spearheading an innovative, ongoing series of “how-to” video trainings, and support services centered around a remote work model.

She shares her insights, with small and medium businesses, in everything from meeting deadlines among home distractions, to hiring staff, new means of delivery of goods and services, to creating connection and balance–even how to work at home while watching a two-year-old.

Roth currently is an adjunct professor at San Diego Continuing Education (part of the San Diego Community College District) and also serves as Work-Based Learning Co-Coordinator.

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    Kathleen McCabe
    CMO & Co-founder

    About Kathleen McCabe

    “Don’t tell me I can’t do it,” has been a trademark of sorts for Kathleen McCabe throughout her life, and business career, as a savvy marketer and creative communications professional. And she’s applying that same positive tenacity to Work Shift Happens.

    In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been a dramatic change in business practices under “stay at home” mandates, leaving owners and management scrambling for answers on how to work outside their norms.

    Work Shift Happens, a one-stop remote work resource to keep employers and employees connected, sprang from this forced workforce shift from the office complex, corporate campus, and retail mall, relocating to the home office–or even the dining room table.

    Communication has always been a passion for the San Diego, California native, and as a trained journalist, McCabe has focused her career on avenues of connection, marketing, advertising, event management, and public relations at home and abroad.

    Her expert marketing skills span a 30-year history serving industries from travel to telecom, financial services to wines and spirits, franchise operations, and a variety of retail and not-for-profit organizations.

    She’s led marketing communications and advertising teams for Fortune 500 companies, and has operated her own small businesses. She has managed remote employees and teams, multiple advertising agencies, vendors, and client contacts.

    McCabe, has traveled extensively in the U.S. and around the world, speaks three languages, and has a pulse on communication with sensitivity to diversity, cultural nuance, age, and language. She’s adept at market research, and targeting to a variety of audiences, from Small Business, to Enterprise and Government agencies, to Non-profit.

    She’s built the foundation of her success on clear communication, effective customer contact, innovative product launch, and memorable promotion. When businesses ask the question of whether or not they can “make it” in this “new normal,” McCabe is the first to offer up solutions to turn doubt into “Yes, you can!”

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